For the next Olympic Day I propose to bring the sport out on the street. I chosed the Parc André-Citroën in Paris to be the field of my diploma-project. On this page you’ll discover all the elements of the project.

Have a look at my Essay « Hors-jeu », with the my main Ideas about the public space, sports and rules.

Welcome on the interactive Olympic Day galery.

Visuals of the installation and communications elements.
Spaces dedicated to the presentation of the team sports.
Team sports at the program.
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Detailed informations

1. Scenografy

Discover the whole structure of the event.

2. Workshop

Every sport is presented through an interactive workshop.
Don’t forget to take with you a personal souvenir. Find here a digital element of my project.
Design and construction: Pablo Despeysses.
Help on the construction: Damien Cotonéa.